An Example report could be seen here: junit-noframes.html - Check it Out !

A simple textUI Example can be seen here: junitour.textui.log.txt.

This report was generated 1.) by a mavenized junit-runner;-) and

2.) xsl transformation through ant style task!

With this junit-extension you can create some tests or just their 'skeleton', 'mark them as 'prepared' by throwing an Exception, and develop your whole software continuously while concentrating on the main test!

This library helps you to make your Xtreme programming process more effective or just helps you doing any refactorings! With an automatic report about missing / not finished test cases, any programmer has a better overview about his work!

The standard Junit reports (e.g. are nice to have.

With this project they would be easily enhanced like this:

With a priority system I would like to mark the important tests or 'showstoppers', to show how /hot/ any situation could be.

I am not very experienced with convincing people of such an idea, friends like it and so I make it public at sourceforge. I hope everybody interested can see how this project could help him in any continuous developing.

Thanks for your interest, Robert Hostlowsky

code example

A typical test case:
    import junit.framework.*;

    public class TypicalTest extends TestCase {

      public void testThrowsUnitTestIncompleteError()  {

        //optionally: test anything here, if you want
        assertTrue("This should already work.", true);

        // stop here and mark this test.
        // this Error will be use to recognised as an
        // incomplete implementation.
        // you could use any Exception which implements 'UnitTestIncomplete'
        throw new UnitTestIncompleteError("This method throws the UnitTestIncompleteError.");


ant file